Draft Documents

The Listing Rules set out what information needs to be notified to the Authority and what documents need to be submitted to the Authority in draft form for clearance before they are finalised (examples include Listing Rules 7.6(3), 7.6(7), 7.6(11) and 7.6(14). Inevitably there are changes made to documents which are routine or for which there is no separate obligation to report the changes to the Authority under the Listing Rules. In such situations, the Authority will not comment upon these documents; nevertheless, the Authority should still be sent a final and black-lined version of the document with a cover note stating that only routine changes are being made and that there are no material matters to report.

However, if under the Listing Rules there is a separate obligation to report but no requirement for a draft version of that document to be submitted to the Authority, then the cover note should set out the reportable matters to the Authority.

When material changes are being made that affect the disclosure requirements set out in Appendix IX, as determined by the Issuer or the Listing Rules, which may affect the status of the listed security, a draft copy of that document is required under the Listing Rules. The Authority expects a black-lined version of the document to be submitted with a cover note setting out a summary of all the material changes before that document is finalised.

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