Update to business continuity through COVID-19

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020

The last four months have seen significant changes to all our lives as, individually and collectively, we have taken action to mitigate the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

As per earlier announcements, at TISE we evolved our working practices both to protect the health of our employees and enable them to provide uninterrupted, quality service to our clients. We are still following the public health advice across our ‘home’ jurisdictions, and those where we have significant business relationships, in order to ensure that we continue to operate safely and effectively.

However, we recognise that while public health advice is developing and restrictions are being eased in some respects, the situation is not uniform, it is evolutionary and the implications of COVID-19 and its impacts continue to be widely felt.

As such, the Exchange remains willing to provide appropriate flexibility in order to support current and prospective issuers, while in doing so pragmatically considering the protection of investors and their needs.

As previously stated, we expect issuers to continue to meet all of their filing, reporting and other obligations where possible, yet, we recognise that there may be circumstances in which it is either unachievable or inappropriate to do so. Where the issuer believes this to be the case, then early engagement with the Exchange is required in order to agree any temporary deviation from the Listing Rules.

 We will continue to monitor this position and provide any relevant updates as we seek to continue to offer an effective exchange for all market participants as we all work together through COVID-19.



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Mark Oliphant
Mark Oliphant
Head of Communications