Established force offers something new

Wednesday, 02 Nov 2016

With a business established in 1998, the CISE provides a responsive and innovative listing facility for international companies to raise capital from investors based around the globe.

We offer a fully regulated marketplace, from within the European time zone but outside the EU, which is convenient and cost-effective.

This has attracted globally recognised clients listing investment vehicles and specialist debt as well as a growing number of trading companies.

Latest trends & developments

The Exchange has taken a number of steps to enhance its offering and is proving increasingly attractive to existing clients while also diversifying into new product lines.

  • Investment vehicles We have updated our listing rules to encompass all types of investment vehicles, including not just open and closed ended funds but also investment companies and REITs.
  • UK REITs The CISE is home to a quarter of the market (13 of the 52 UK REITs) due to our pragmatic listing rules.
  • High yield bonds We are an increasingly popular listing venue for HYBs as issuers discover how the onerous nature of the EU’s MAR contrasts with our robust yet proportionate rules for these vehicles.
  • Convertibles Companies quoted on the LSE’s Main Market and AIM are choosing to list convertibles on the CISE as our pragmatic admissions process allows for speedy and cost-effective listings.
  • Trading companies A growing number of trading companies are seeking a listing on the CISE and we are currently reviewing our listing rules to ensure that they are appropriate for SMEs.
  • Non-CI Members We have amended our membership rules so that listing sponsors no longer have to be from the Channel Islands but can be based in any jurisdiction deemed acceptable to the Exchange.

These trends and developments mean that we have seen a 13% rise in new business during the first half of the year so that today, there are more than 2,000 listed securities with a total value of more than £400 billion.

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Fiona Le Poidevin
Fiona Le Poidevin
CEO & Director, TISEG